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DEmontage (EP)


Artist: Rotkäppchen
Grimm Records
RRP: £8.99
Available 17 October 2011

After a busy three years of gaining a reputation as an exciting live electro band in London, Rotkäppchen release their debut EP.

'DEmontage' gives us a flavour of the band's sound; combining electronics with live vocals and drums to create an infectious, high energy electro-pop sound. The results are pretty impressive.

This EP contains five tracks as well as a further four tracks that represent remixes of three of the main singles here.

The first track gets this EP off on the right track with electronic beats acting as the backdrop to a collection of Alan Partridge sound bytes - the payoff being Partridge asking a caller to his radio show: "Are you an an E?"

The only track that I wasn't overly keen on was the Fat and Ugly remix of 'Someone Else' - it just sounded too bland.

On balance this is an entertaining EP, and certainly better than the majority of electronic pop that's out there. I'm looking forward to the band's album.


Nick Smithson

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