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Lost & Found (EP)


Artist: Automated Acoustics
Alternative Blueprint
RRP: £3.99
Available 19 October 2011

Saturated down tempo electronica, live ragtime jazz, modern classical, abstract acid, dubby bass & delta blues vocals are blended together here to produce the distinct sound that is Automated Acoustics.

The EP kicks off with 'Lovers Lament'. Mixing classical music and dance (this is over simplifying, but it's what it boils down to) is hardly a new idea and, when done well pays off. However, Automated Acoustics produce a sound that wasn't really to my taste. It felt, to me, like someone who had no love for either genres was smashing the two together in the hopes of coming up trumps. And you'll instantly spot that it sounds very much like a mainstream track that was released a few years ago by another artist. Personally this wasn't a sound I was particularly impressed with. Mixing warbling, rather badly overlayed vocals that sound like the singers are in pain just sounds bad on the ears. There is a good tune here, but it's hidden beneath the awful moaning. But then this is probably because I'm an old fashioned sort and this didn't slot into my idea of an enjoyable listening experience.

The second track, 'Every Time I See You' is much better, but again the rather strange choice of vocals seem to clash against one another. The instrumental segments are enjoyable though.

Next up is 'Aromed 4' and it starts to dawn on me that Automated Acoustics are at their best when the vocals are stripped from a track. This is also the case with the final track 'Lost & Found', a sort of atmospheric piece that just hangs around without really doing anything of interest - but still quite enjoyable.

So, it's worth checking this EP out, while 50% of it wasn't to my liking the chance are you'll find something here to your taste.


Nick Smithson

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