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Half Broken Things (single)


Artist: The Bleeps
Otter Recordings
RRP: £1.99
Available 14 November 2011

Three-piece rock band The Bleeps release their latest single 'Half Broken Things'. Hailing from the East London border, Remy Lamont, Roland Earl Station and Paul Parker create an individual sound of alternative indie/fuzzpop that has grown from a diverse range of influences from Jacob's Mouse and No Means No to John Spencer, Beck and the Beastie Boys.

This single contains the tracks 'Half Broken Things' and 'F__k Me I'm Famous' which represent a nice mix of styles. Personally I found 'F__k Me I'm Famous' to be the stronger track; more catchy and memorable.

This is certainly a single worth adding to your list if you enjoy retro sounding indie singles.


Nick Smithson

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Half Broken Things - Single - The Bleeps
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