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Audio Comedy Review


To the Manor Born


Starring: Penelope Keith, Peter Bowles and Angela Thorne
RRP: £6.10
ISBN: 978 1 4084 7061 9
Available 02 February 2012

This title features soundtrack highlights from the original much-loved BBC TV series starring Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles. It is presented for the first time ever on CD, in a special vinyl facsimile edition, this collection was first published on LP in the 1980s. When Audrey fforbes-Hamilton's husband dies, and she is forced to leave Grantleigh Manor, she takes up residence at the nearby Lodge - from where she can keep a watchful eye on the Manor's new owner, Richard DeVere...

This title collects together highlights of the first four episodes of the TV series. So, for those who have never seen the show this allows you to witness the series from the very beginning.

The show opens with the millionaire founder of Cavendish Foods, Richard DeVere (Peter Bowles), looking for a new property for him and his mother. But he's not happy when the estate agent shows him around the lodge house of Grantleigh Manor. He's much more interested in the Manor house. As it happens the Manor's current owner Audrey fforbes-Hamilton (Penelope Keith) has recently lost her husband and the day Richard happens to be in town is the day of Audrey's husband's funeral. Not long after Audrey realises her late husband's estate is bankrupt and has to move out of the Manor. Richard buys it and, in order to stay in the village, Audrey buys and moves into the lodge house.

The comedy comes from the chemistry between Richard and Audrey who are from two totally different worlds. Audrey was born into money and is now fallen on hard times, while Richard was born into a poor family and worked his way up to the financial position he's now in. In addition he's of Czechoslovakian/Polish decent, something that doesn't fit right with Audrey, whose family has lived in the Manor for 400 years.

These four episodes introduce us to the couple's rather turbulent relationship and, despite the occasional very mild un-PC gag about foreigners and class, this series has aged quite well.

For those that fondly remember the TV show, this release is worth seeking out.


Darren Rea

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