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Audio Comedy Review


Parsley Sidings


Starring: Arthur Lowe, Kenneth Connor and Ian Lavender
RRP: £13.25
ISBN: 978 1 4458 6445 7
Available 08 March 2012

The show now arriving on this service is the special excursion to Parsley Sidings. Featuring Arthur Lowe and Ian Lavender from Dad's Army, and Kenneth Connor (from the Carry On films), these recordings are among the few remaining episodes available...

Parsley Sidings was a BBC Radio comedy show which ran for two series between 1971-1973. In total 21 episodes were written and recorded, but only a few of these are still available in the BBC archives,. In fact, the episode The New Level Crossing, which is included on this collection, was only rediscovered in 2008. However, recordings of all the episodes are known to exist in various private collectors hands (most of which were off air recordings from the original radio broadcasts.

Goodbye Parsley Sidings (Series 1, Episode 10): Horace Hepplewhite gets promoted and leaves for pastures new, but his replacement seems a right old ogre.

The Entente Cordiale (Series 2, Episode 3): After an exchange visit to France, the Head of French Rail is keen to see Gloria's tannoy.

A Night Out (Series 2, Episode 4): Thanks to Percy and Bert, a lady misses the last train to Birmingham and has nowhere to stay the night.

The New Level Crossing (Series 2, Episode 8): What will happen to Bradshaw now that Parsley Sidings gets a new automated level crossing?

While the show's writing is far from being a classic comedy, it's interesting enough that fans of old radio comedy will probably find it enjoyable.


Nick Smithson

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