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Audio Comedy Review


The Goon Show
Volume 29
"We're in the Wrong House Again!"


Starring: Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and Spike Milligan
RRP: £13.25
ISBN: 978 1 4458 6106 7
Available 05 April 2012

More surreal clowning from one of the greatest comedy teams on radio. Goon but not forgotten. In these episodes, there's a monster on Mount Snowdon and Neddie Seagoon tries to capture it for reward, a mustard and cress shortage causes havoc to British Railways, a statue of King James II is to be removed from Trafalgar Square, and Neddie plunders a sunken Spanish galleon...

This 2-disc CD collection collects together another four episodes of the classic radio comedy series The Goon Show. Episodes include:

The Thing on the Mountain (originally broadcast in 1958), in which Ned Seagoon attempts to track the strange beast that's supposed to live on Mount Snowdon. His incentive? To collect the £5 reward.

The Collapse of the British Railway Sandwich Scheme (Transcription Service version) (originally broadcast in 1958), sees Britain almost brought to a standstill when someone is stealing all of the mustard and cress out of the British Rail sandwiches. Henry Crun is charged with replacing all the cress thanks to a six year mission that will see him grow 6,000 acres of the stuff in the Amazon.

The Great Statue Debate (originally broadcast in 1958), in which Parliament is in turmoil after they get involved in the debate that sees a leather statue of King James II being replaced by a compressed tobacco statue of Sir Walter Raleigh in Trafalgar Square. The ensuing confusion sees the MPs being evicted from the Houses of Parliament.

The Silver Doubloons (originally broadcast in 1960), sees Neddie looking for treasure from a galleon from a Spanish Armada that sank years ago.

This collection contains four above average episodes that will be welcomed by Goon fans.


Darren Rea

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