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Mother's Day (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Composer: Bobby Johnston
Lakeshore Records
RRP: £13.99
Available 01 May 2012

After a bank robbery gone wrong, three brothers head for home... only to discover that their mother lost the house in a foreclosure. The new owners and their guests, gathered for an ill-timed birthday party, become the brothers’ unwitting hostages. Their mother and sister arrive, and it soon becomes obvious that Mother will do absolutely anything to protect her children. In one terrifying evening, Mother brilliantly takes control of the situation and masterminds her sons’ escape. Sides will be taken, secrets revealed, and sins punished as the hostages struggle to make it through the night...

Bobby Johnston's score to Mother's Day makes is a pretty average, no frills affair. It's interesting enough, but on the whole is constructed of rather bland atmospheric set pieces. It's the sort of score that no doubt heightens the atmosphere of the movie, but sounds a little dull when listened to in isolation.

There are some moments where Johnston is allowed to shine, including the piano and strings based 'Mother Burns Pictures' and the interesting 'George and Lydia'.

The album consists of 18 tracks, with a running time of 41 min, 53 sec. While it's interesting background music, with the odd segment that grabs your attention momentarily, there's very little here to get overly excited about.


Darren Rea

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Motherís Day (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Bobby Johnston
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