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Hate & Love


Artist: Niko
Atic Records
RRP: £13.99
Available 25 June 2012

Hate & Love is Niko's second album which has its roots in pop, electronica, electro-acoustic and experimental composition. Underpinning Niko's songwriting is Aim's (Andy Turner) polished beat making and production.

The album, which is made up of 10 tracks, lasts for 41 min, 20 sec. Highlights include 'You're So Boring', which was recently released as a single; the funky 'I Can't Get Enough Of You'; and the slow and beautiful 'Over You'.

To be honest, though, I wasn't as impressed with this as I was hoping I would be - having previously enjoyed 'You're So Boring'. This is an album that is going to take a while to grow on most people. It could be that there is too much diversity, as though the goal was to please as many people as possible with as wide a net as they could throw. I know, it sounds a strange think to pick up on, given that a diverse album should make for a much more interesting listening experience. However, here, it just seems to be spread a little too thin.


Nick Smithson

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