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Japanese Moon


Artist: A Sky Jet Black
A Sky Jet Black
RRP: £9.99
Available 10 September 2012

A Sky Jet Black [ASJB] take their influence from Power, Corruption and Lies era New Order, early Cure, My Bloody Valentine. This is a very good thing indeed.

This is classic British indie that we seem unable to make anymore and it’s as if a band were created especially for me with all the elements that I love. So yeah this review maybe slightly biased.

There’s a seeming inability here in the UK to make indie music without it becoming a pastiche of what’s gone before and with a tendency to copy the more boring elements from the last 30 years. Maybe it’s because ASJB are from the US or maybe it’s their absolute integrity but they’ve managed to create something both authentic to the original ideals and refreshing original.

This is synth-pop with heavy melodic bass lines and shimmering treated vocals, all drenched in a fuzz of distortion and dark, cool vibes. Heady music you can dance to, as long as the room is dark and you don’t look to be having too much fun.

They even have the audacity to rework The Stone Roses’ I wanna be adored into a bass and synth-pop anthem, accidentally creating an instant classic that hardly anyone will ever hear.

There’s enough originality and strength of song writing on show here that ASJB could be huge if they wanted to be, but a part of me hopes they remain a small cult band producing fantastic records like this one to a select and discerning audience. They’ve already built a loyal following in their hometown of Austin, TX as a great live band and with this release they are set to find new fans worldwide. This is a short album at only 30 minutes and 8 tracks and my only criticism is that I wish it were a couple of tracks longer. But its brevity ensures no filler.

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Richard A Bennett

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