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Love Jihad (single)


Artist: Skip & Die
Crammed Discs
RRP: £3.99
CRAN 197-P
Available 22 October 2012

Skip and Die are a relatively new group. The band represents a collaboration between South African vocalist and visual artist Catarina Aimée Dahms (aka Cata. Pirata) and Dutch producer Jori Collignon (C-Mon & Kypski, Nobody Beats The Drum).

The eclectic nature of the duo translates into a form of upbeat music which is not afraid to mix elements from both their own cultures and others to create a unique sound. An album, Riots in the Jungle, is on the way, but in the meantime Skip & Die have released their first single ‘Love Jihad’. The single has three tracks, sort of. In fact there are three version of the same song on the CD, a radio friendly version, one that drops the ‘F’ bomb and the version which will appear on the album.

Obviously with a central core of a drummer and female singer, the comparison with The Ting Tings is inevitable; however, whereas the Tings created a harsh assault on the senses, Skip and Die have softened their recorded sound with a melodic clarinet, which plays a wistful, whimsical refrain in the background, counter pointed with a meandering synth line and loud carnival weight drums.

Throw in a staccato vocal tape loop (yes I know they use computers these days, but I’m old and tape loop sounds cooler), and a low resonant voice that sounds like it’s been sampled from a Yellow track the overall effect is not unlike a mash together of some of the more eclectic Japanese music and the more experimental fringes of the Rough Trade catalogue.

As an introduction to the band it’s intriguing enough to want to hear the rest of the album. Although the band are currently touring, you’re out of luck unless you live in the Netherlands or Germany, but who knows what will happen when the festival season starts again next year.


Charles Packer

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