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The Avengers
Thor - Thunder Clash Hammer


RRP: £24.99
Ages: 5+
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Item Number: 36703
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The power of mighty Thor is in the palm of your hand with the Thor Thunder Clash Hammer! The hammer features electronic light-up effects in the hilt and a soft-material head, plus incredible thunder sound effects so you can pretend to wield the might of Thor...

The Thor Thunder Clash Hammer is manufactured by the makers of Nerf and is basically a slightly remodelled version of the one that was released to coincide with the Thor movie. This one, however, is designed to appeal to fans of The Avengers movie.

While not a bad sized toy, I did have a few issues with it. Firstly the RRP is a little on the steep side. £25 for a toy foam hammer is a bit cheeky, especially when you consider that it retails for around $10-15 (£6-9) in the USA. To be fair, I think a price tag of £15 would have probably been nearer the mark.

When compared to other electronic releases in the range, the Hammer does very little. It only has one sound (as you'd expect - a thunder clap followed by rolling thunder) and lights up blue along parts of the handle and the round segment on the very top.

However, for Thor fans, this is a neat toy.


Nick Smithson

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