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Stickems (Gadget Screen Cleaner)


RRP: £3.99 (large) £4.99 (supersize)
Available now

Stickems are the handy and fashionable way of maintaining clean screens, free from fingerprints, grease and makeup. Made from ultra fine microfibre technology, Stickems are designed to be used over and over again - and best of all they stick directly to your product, so they can’t go missing...

Everyone has a gadget with a glass screen that needs to be kept clean - be it iPod, laptop, TV, iPad, mobile phone or camera. If, like me, you end up just rubbing your thumb over the screen to clean it, or use your clothing as to wipe of any smears, you'll know that this is not the best solution - and in some cases can cause the screen to be scratched over time.

Now, with the introduction of Stickems, you can have a handy, portable cloth at your disposal all the time. Stickems are small clothes which you can rub over your screen and, when you're done the reverse side has a self-cling back that allows you to stick it to the back of your gadget - so you don't lose it.

Stickems come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as numerous styles, so now you can customise your gadget with something that's much more than just a plain old sticker.

You can also use them to clean your glasses, which is an added bonus for those who don't like carrying around a lint-free cloth so they can see where they are going.

They're sturdy and robust design means that you'll get plenty of use out of them before you have to change them - and at the low retail price this is one item you can't afford to be without.


Nick Smithson

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