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Angry Birds Star Wars
Mystery Bags (Series 1)


RRP: £1.99
Ages: 5+
5 010994 685485
Item Number: 0712A3026E27
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Based on the newly launched Star Wars edition of the wildly popular Angry Birds mobile game from Rovio Entertainment, the new Angry Birds Star Wars line brings all the fun of the electronic version to those who prefer to play family games in the traditional style. For a surprise, pick up Angry Birds Star Wars Mystery Bags, which includes one figure - the perfect way to build up your collection of Angry Birds Star Wars characters...

Hasbro's new Angry Birds Star Wars toys bring the popular app and PC games to the home market by turning them into traditional toys that allow you to construct various vehicles and sets from the Star Wars movies and then catapult plastic characters at the sets to see if you can knock them down.

I'm seriously torn between loving these toys and bemoaning the fact that they seem so expensive. This is especially the case with the Mystery Bags - not to mention that there appear to be too many variants. Checking online there were one, two and three character bags. The RRP of £1.99 for a single character (which in actual fact look like cheap pencil toppers made in Hong Kong) is a bit of a cheek - especially as you run the risk of duplicating your set. If you want to collect them all this way you're looking at a very expensive hobby.

However, if you've already bought one of the larger sets and feel the need to either add more characters to it, or you love them so much you just want to collect them all with money being no object, then these Mystery Bags are a great way to add to your collection. Personally though, I'd probably just buy one of the games that includes more characters, or buy one of the kits where you can see which characters you're getting for your money.


Nick Smithson

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