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Alfred Hitchcock: In His Own Words


Starring: Alfred Hitchcock
RRP: £5.99
ISBN: 978 1 4458 4659
Available 23 February 2013

In interviews ranging from 1955 to 1980, Alfred Hitchcock talks about the time he was locked in a police cell when he was a child and being typecast as a director of thrillers. He also discusses his early films; the advent of ‘talkies’; planning Psycho; American audiences; cinema techniques; horror films, and the influence of real crimes. He considers the difference between making films in America and Britain; the importance of lighting; his female leads, and being a practical joker. As well as critics, he also touches on avoiding clichés; murder in film; film editing and music; The Birds; the star factor in actors, and making comedies.

It was also interesting to hear his views on who he made movies for - he claims he made them for women as they made up the majority of all cinema audiences - and when on a date they would generally choose the movie.

In addition, talking about Suspicion, he reveals that Cary Grant should never have been cast and that the twist ending of the movie had to be changed because the studio would never permit Grant to be seen in that sort of negative light. Also, in North by Northwest Hitchcock wasn't allowed to show anyone climbing over any of the heads on Mount Rushmore., which scupper ed his plans to have Cary Grant slide down Lincoln's nose and hide in his nostril.

This is an interesting 2-disc collection that will find a welcome home in all Hitchcock's fans collections.


Nick Smithson

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