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A Celebrity Evening With The Original Comedians Live


Starring: Stan Boardman, Roy Walker, Mick Miller and Duggie Brown
Distributor: FremantleMedia Home Entertainment
RRP: £9.99
Certificate: 15
Release Date: 11 November 2013

This DVD features the original members of the iconic hit TV show The Comedians. Featuring live stand-up performances from Roy Walker, Stan Boardman, Mick Miller, Duggie Brown and including the hilarious Jim Bowen being interviewed by legendary producer Johnnie Hamp. As well as archive footage from The Comedians TV show, the evening includes questions from a host of invited celebrities including Johnny Vegas, Willie Thorne, Dennis Taylor, Ron Atkinson, Dave Vitty, Ian St John, Dean Sullivan, Pete Price, Billy Butler, Mike McCartney and many more. The show also contains the memorable and hilarious "Fokker" and Oliver Reed clips from the '80s The Des O'Connor Show...

A Celebrity Evening With The Original Comedians Live was filmed in New Brighton in the summer of 2012.

As with the 2012 release The Original Comedians Live: 40th Anniversary Show, while there is a little bit of new material, it's obvious that most of the gags here are tried and tested oldies. In fact it only seems to be Roy Walker who has any genuinely new material.

The stand up portions are relatively short, the majority of the time is taken up with carefully prepared celebrity interview questions and answers. If you've already bought The Original Comedians Live - 40th Anniversary Show, and enjoyed it, then this new release is worth getting hold of as it's more of the same, but with a slightly different slant.

The only real repeat are the famous/infamous gags off old. So, for Mick Miller it's his Noddy gag; Duggie Brown tells his Parrot joke; and Stan Boardman revisits his controversial appearance on the Des O'Connor show.

Extras include an Interview with Jim Bowen who, following two recent strokes, manages, with assistance, to get up on the stage to be interviewed by producer Johnny Hamp. This isn't listed under the "Extras" menu, but under the individual comedian menu. For some reason, while it was part of the show, it's been edited out. We also get Backstage (8 min, 20 sec) raw footage from behind the scenes.


Darren Rea

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