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Big Trouble in London


Artist: Leo the Lion
Leo the Lion
RRP: £13.99
Available 03 March 2013

Big Trouble in London is the debut album of Leo the Lion. I'm really torn here, because Leo has a great voice and is musically very talented, however the songs are, on the whole, rather bland.

The only exception to this is the beautiful ballard 'You Had Me At Hello' - but even this is slightly marred by the fact that it sounds like he's singing: "I never believed in love 'til you were peeing outside my door".

Tracks like the rap number 'Boris The Basher' tackle right-on topics like bullying, but come across as unintentionally cheesy and derails any serious meaning to the lyrics.

The music is great, the singing is faultless... the lyrics... well, they need serious life support.


Nick Smithson

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