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Moving in the Dark


Artist: Dizraeli and the Small Gods
ECC Records
RRP: £13.99
Available 25 March 2013

Moving in the Dark is the debut album from seven-piece folk/hip-hop group Dizraeli and the Small Gods. The band set out to explore the connection between modern hip-hop and old folk forms. In the process they have created music that is unlike anything you'll have heard before. It's a strange combination, and unless you've actually heard it, the idea sounds ludicrous - surely it won't work. But the results are pleasantly surprising.

Highlights include the more traditional folk sounding 'There was a Rapper'; 'Million Miles', where Cate Ferris's hypnotic voice takes centre stage; and 'The End of the World' which is eerie and wonderful way to close the album.

The album contains 15 tracks which last for 59 min, 30 sec. There's something of merit in all the tracks here. While not an essential purchase, this is certainly an album worth checking out as it represents something a little bit different.


Nick Smithson

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