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Remote Viewing


Artist: Low Sea
Dell'orso Records
RRP: £13.99
Available 08 April 2013

Low Sea's Remote Viewing is synth pop offering of a very European nature. Now based in Ireland, the duo - Bosnian-born Billie and Bobby D from Liverpool - first met while living in the United States. Musical inspiration is in the form of A-ha, Cocteau Twins, 808 State and My Bloody Valentine...

If I didn't know better I'd think that Low Sea were a fake band set up to promote some rather lame sit-com, based on two wannabe musicians. The duo look perfect as a musical pairing, but the problem? Billie's vocals are nasal, whiney and... well, lets be honest, wouldn't even get her through the first round of a talent contest. But add enough echo, and drown her out with synths, and she can almost get away with it. And Bobby D's music is monotonous, dull and almost naive in its retro approach.

However, every now and then some pure brilliance seeps out of the mess. 'Starlight' is haunting and original and 'Alex' is also worthy of note. But then we get 'Acid Ocean' and even Billie's mum must be holding her head in her hands and wondering what her daughter is doing with her life.

I think the problem is that there's not enough quality material here to warrant the release of an album. Most of the tracks here should have been consigned to the "ideas to build on" pile.


Nick Smithson

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