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Occupy the World (single)


Artist: Aisling and the Haze
Label: R2 Records
RRP: £2.99
Release Date: 20 May 2013

Aisling and the Haze is the new trio assembled by the prolific and ever innovative UK DJ/producer Phil Asher (Restless Soul). Together with vocalist Aisling Stephenson and musician/producer D'Wala, their debt single 'Occupy the World' is a statement of intent - a message in the music - a call to awareness while we dance...

...or something like that. No doubt the idealistic, young and naive will think this is spot on with its clever message. Personally, I found it about as subtle (and political for that matter) as a slap across the face with a wet fish.

Now, that aside, this is an engaging track... even if it feels a little unfinished. It's a stripped down, raw affair... and that's okay, but you can't dance to it. And that, for me, is this single's main fault.

Technically it's flawless, but it seems to have been produced with no real thought behind who it would appeal to.


Nick Smithson

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