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Pablo Nouvelle


Artist: Pablo Nouvelle
Label: Self Released
RRP: Free (voluntary donations)
Click here to download for free
Release Date: 20 May 2013

Pablo Nouvelle's debut self titled album is released for free (with voluntary donations asked for). And, with music of this quality, I'm hard pressed to think of anyone who wouldn't donate at least a tenner for the privilege to own this album.

We start off with the hypnotic 'Be True To Me' which slowly introduces us to Pablo's world. 'Is It Ok', which was release almost a year to the day before this album was released, is another strong track - one that you instantly warm too. It features live guitars, drum breaks, arpeggiating synths and, most importantly, the lush, soulful vocals of Fiona Daniel.

'Symbol Of Love' is another haunting track, as is the repetitive and hypnotic 'You Do Me Wrong'.

This is a great album, containing 10 tracks (although the review copy we received appeared to be missing 'Reckoner').


Nick Smithson