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Artist: Shapeshifter
Label: Truetone Recordings
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 22 July 2013

Shapeshifter's fifth studio album, Delta has already reached number one in its native New Zealand.

This elemental, electronic soul outfit manages to morph time and time again with seismic shifts in genre to make sure its sound remains fresh and current. From depth charge bass music, elastic electronic textures and barrelling breakbeats to bedrocks of soul, jazz and rave that ground their experimentation.

Delta is multi genre in its scope. From the sublime opening chords on ‘Arcadia’ and junglist jabs of ‘Shadowboxer’, neighbour elevated trance progressions in ‘Diamond Trade’ and jagged guitar riffs on ‘Giving Up the Ghost’ this is an album that has so much variation and depth.

Personal favourite tracks include the frenetic opening 'Monarch'; the AOR-esque 'In Colour'; the hypnotic club anthem at the heart of 'Diamond Trade'; and the infectious 'Stadia'.

The album contains 12 tracks and has a running time of 54 min, 25 sec.


Nick Smithson

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