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Wall of Sound


Artist: Karizma
Label: R2 Records
RRP: £13.99
R2CD022 (CD), R2D022 (download), R2LP022 (vinyl)
730003202223 / 730003202254 / 73003202216
Release Date: 02 September 2013

Since his last studio album in 2009 Baltimore native DJ Karizma has been touring the globe. Having finally got the urge to go back into the studio sometime last year, Karizma locked himself away for six weeks. The result is his new double-disc album Wall of Sound...

Karizma's new album, Wall of Sound, is an interesting collection of tracks, which throw the net wide when it comes to the dance/electronica genre - in fact there's several tracks that don't fit comfortably in any pigeonhole - which is a breath of fresh air.

The album kicks off on the right foot with 'Krystofer' which has the sampled voice repeating "Is Chris there?" with a segment of music that reminded me of the theme to Charlie's Angels coming in every now and then.

Karizma also has some fun with this album, in case you thought all DJs took their music too seriously. 'Melodies Of Life' has a sort of "Spoing" sound that was used in a lot of old radio comedies; 'The Tinkler' does exactly what it says on the the tin - providing a twee, twinkly tune that is played throughout the track; And, did I hear correctly? Is the small voice in 'Nuffin Else' saying: "Jockstrap"?

This two-disc album contains 31 tracks and lasts 2 hrs, 06 min. This is the perfect album to play while you're getting ready for a night out on the town.


Nick Smithson

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