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Get Up


Artist: Wiretree
Label: Cobaltworks Music
RRP: £13.99
8 87515 94500 7
Release Date: 09 September 2013

Wiretree’s Kevin Peroni is an Austin, Texas native. He spent his life listening to music from the UK with The La’s, Radiohead, The Kinks all currying favour while sitting side by side US artists such as Grandaddy and Dylan. Each of these bands influenced what would become this beautiful patchwork album. It was a conscious decision to create an album that sounded homegrown and carefree, the general feeling being that too many modern albums are left feeling overly clinical, sterile and precise. The recording process itself was varied. Some songs were recorded live with the whole band ('So Bold', 'To the Moon'), other songs recorded alone 'Marching Band', 'When You Were Young'). The remaining songs were recorded in various studios, using different equipment and producers resulting in sonically different approaches to match the writing of each song...

Get up is Wiretree's fourth studio album. To a British ear the majority of tracks on this album may sound familiar, like you've heard them before but you know you haven't. The reason for this is that although Wiretree is an American indie rock band, their inspiration comes from the UK music scene. The end result is an American band that sounds so British that they could have emerged from any UK city.

The album, as a whole, feels feels like it encapsulates so many highlights of the UK music scene that this is certainly an album that you'll be playing for years to come. There are little hints of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The La's, Oasis... in fact any influential band of the last 60 years is probably buried away somewhere in a small corner of this album. It contains 10 tracks and lasts for 31 min, 46 sec.

These are only personal thoughts, but 'Get Up' sounds like a La's track; ''Marching Band' has a Beatles vibe about it; 'Out Of My Mind' brought to mind Oasis; 'So Bold' has a hint of The Rolling Stones about it; 'Take Us Away' reminded me a little of Pink Floyd but it also sounded very similar to Nik Kershaw's 'I Hope You're Happy Now'; and 'When You Were Young' sounds like a cross between Radiohead and Robbie Williams.

This is well worth adding to your collection - you won't be disappointed.


Nick Smithson

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