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Peace (EP)


Artist: Trüby, Marlow & Craig Smith
Label: Fifty Fathoms Deep
RRP: £3.99
Release Date: 30 September 2013

Craig Smith & Peter Oakden release their second record on new imprint Fifty Fathoms Deep, with Root Down’s master of rare vinyl & wine Rainer Trüby & Room With A View favourite Marlow. On the A side you’ll find Rainer & Marlow’s very first collaboration together which finally sees the light of day and on the flip side Craig Smith’s version...

Peace is an interesting release. We're given two versions of the track: 'Peace: Part 1' (7 min, 04 sec); and 'Peace: Part 2' (8 min, 21 sec). This is a dance track that will get you up and moving. The constant cymbal crash in 'Part 1' is enough to ensure that no matter what mood you're in you won't be able to resist the call of the music.

This is an EP that will slip into your dance collection with perfect ease.


Nick Smithson