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Dom Hemingway
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Rolfe Kent
Artists: various
Label: Metropolis Movie Music
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 20 November 2013

Dom Hemingway is a larger-than-life safecracker who is also a bit of a loose cannon. After being released from prison, Hemingway is looking forward to collecting his reward for keeping his mouth shut. But as events unfold, he realises that he should focus on more personally rewarding goals - like getting to know his long-lost daughter Evelyn...

Rolfe Kent's score for Dom Hemingway represents a mixed bag of themes and set pieces. Tracks like 'Evie / I Do Owe You' and 'Dom Saves Melody' have an almost ethereal quality to them. However, the majority of the tracks are of the bland, lifeless background music variety.

This album contains 14 tracks, representing approximately 42 mins worth of music. Of this 8 tracks (17 mins) are composed by Kent, with the remaining 6 tracks (25 mins) by various artists. Sadly, The Waterboys's 1989 hit 'Fisherman's Blues' (taken from their 1988 album of the same name) is pretty much butchered by Emilia Clarke (who plays Evelyn in the movie). But to be fair to her no one would be able to do this justice other than The Waterboys.

One for fans of the movie only.

Track listing:

01 - 'Comin' Back' - Citizen Cope
02 - 'The Train To Fontaine' - Rolfe Kent
03 - 'Evie - I Do Owe You' - Rolfe Kent
04 - 'Hemingway Clubbing' - Chad Hobson
05 - 'La Fanette' - Jacques Brel
06 - 'Sprinting Back To The Villa' - Rolfe Kent
07 - 'Dom Saves Melody' - Rolfe Kent
08 - 'Dom Bludgeons The Safe' - Rolfe Kent
09 - 'Lester's Revenge' - Rolfe Kent
10 - 'The Club' - Chad Hobson
11 - 'Love Is What You Make' - Rolfe Kent
12 - 'Dom's Theme' - Rolfe Kent
13 - 'Fisherman's Blues'- Emilia Clarke
14 - 'In A Big Country' - Big Country


Darren Rea

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