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Classic Album Selection


Artist: Simple Minds
Label: Universal Music Catalogue
RRP: £19.99
6 00753 46008 5
Release Date: 25 November 2013

Universal Music Catalogue is repackaging some classic albums from their back catalogue, including Simple Minds: Classic Album Selection which covers the years 1984 - 1995 and features the five albums Sparkle in the Rain; Once Upon a Time; Real Life; Street Fighting Years; and Good News From the Next World.

If you already own these albums separately, there's no point in repurchasing them here as there's additional tracks or bonus material, this is simply a repackaging of the original albums. Each of the five CDs comes in a cardboard slipcase which features the original album art work.

However, if like me, you only owned some of these on their original release, or have misplaced your copies, then it really is worth picking this collection up as it's incredibly cheap.

Obviously, casual Simple Minds fans maybe surprised to learn that their biggest hit 'Don't You (Forget About Me)" isn't included on any of these albums - despite being released in 1985. This was mainly down to the fact that the band dismissed the song and didn't feel that it fitted in well with the musical direction they were heading at the time and so was not released on their albums until 1992's best-of Glittering Prize 81/92.

But there are still plenty of memorable tracks included in this collection that is sure to take you on a trip down memory lane.


Nick Smithson

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