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Iron Man 3
Sonic Blasting Action Figure


RRP: £29.99
Ages: 4+
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Hasbro celebrates the world of Iron Man with a new toy line featuring the iconic Super Hero. The new Sonic Blasting Action Figure is a giant 16" action figure that is articulated at the shoulders and hips.

Designed to stand, and fire missiles, this is a very stable figure that also includes speech and sound effects when you press Iron Man's chest mounted light - his eyes light up blue too.

Load up his missile launcher with five missiles, push the button on his back and he utters a phrase and fires one or more missile automatically. The figure requites 3 x AA batteries and comes with 10 missiles.

This is a well constructed figure, which looks great. However, it's probably more of a show piece than a toy you'll want your kids to throw in the toybox.


Nick Smithson

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