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That Awkward Moment
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: David Torn
Performed by: various
Label: Varèse Sarabande Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 18 February 2014

The soundtrack to romantic comedy That Awkward Moment consists of original music composed by David Torn and a collection of various artists.

Torn's music is quirky, but pretty uneventful. It's music designed to sit in the background and not really be noticed - so, on the whole, listening to this without the visual images will seem a little pointless to some. In essence, it's similar in style to his far superior score to Lars and the Real Girl, only without any real heart. Of the album's 14 tracks (49 min), 7 (22 min) are composed by Torn the remaining tracks are made up of various artists tracks.

Having not seen the film, I wasn't sure why there seemed to be so much of an '80s theme running through the various artists tracks, as it appears to be a modern romantic comedy. But there's a definite '80s feeling to Crozet's 'Closed Shades', Night Drive's 'After Dark' and Strange Talk's 'Morning Sun'.

For me, the highlights include the aforementioned 'Closed Shades' and 'After Dark'; 'I Don't Recall' - Lavender Diamond (which for me was the stand out track here); and Torn's 'the pact / key to the park'.

It's not an album I'd dig out to listen to very often... and even then I'd skip over most of Torn's tracks.

Track listing:

01 - 'Closed Shades' - Crozet
02 - 'After Dark' - Night Drive
03 - 'thought you were a….. / ¿hooker?' - David Torn
04 - 'Tales and Truths' - Black Apples
05 - 'Morning Sun' - Strange Talk
06 - 'apology drawn / gramercy park' - David Torn
07 - 'just 1 more chance' - David Torn
08 - 'ny's charm / every guy but me' - David Torn
09 - 'We'll Be Gone By Then' - Crozet
10 - 'I Don’t Recall' - Lavender Diamond
11 - 'REALLY date you / he changes' - David Torn
12 - 'the pact / key to the park' - David Torn
13 - 'he told them / she wants a divorce / east village girls' - David Torn*
14 - 'After You’ve Gone' - Mackenzie Davis*

* digital bonus tracks


Darren Rea

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