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Waterloo: Deluxe Edition


Artist: ABBA
Label: Universal / Polydor
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 07 April 2014

The ABBA Deluxe Edition series, which began in 2006 with the release of the Arrival album, now reaches its eighth album. And what would be more natural in this 40th Anniversary year, celebrating ABBA’s victory in Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Waterloo’, than to release a Deluxe Edition of the album of the same name. On this Waterloo Deluxe Edition the original album has been expanded with 8 bonus tracks, plus a DVD of rare and previously unreleased television material...

The Deluxe Edition of ABBA's Waterloo album (1974) sees the original 11-track album remixed with the inclusion of an additional eight tracks. This bonus songs are various language versions of some of the tracks and different mixes. There's nothing that exciting about the added tracks, but it's interesting to hear them. In total, there's now approximately an hour's worth of music.

We were sent the tracks as MP3 files without the DVD content, so we can't comment on the video material, which features 13 TV selections, most of which are previously unreleased. ABBA’s performances of ‘Waterloo’ in the Eurovision Song Contest and the Swedish selection, Melodifestivalen are featured on the DVD. In both instances, the first performance as well as the winner performance has been included. There is also the rare performance of ‘Waterloo’ intended for Eurovision preview programmes; the equally rare performance of the German-language version of ‘Waterloo’; ABBA’s three appearances on Top Of The Pops, performing ‘Waterloo’; an interview with Frida and ABBA manager Stig Anderson on Eurovision night; plus three performances of ‘Honey, Honey’ from German and Austrian television.

The package also includes a 20-page illustrated booklet featuring an extensive essay on the making of the album, with brand new insights from Björn and Benny.

For ABBA fans this is an essential purchase.

01 - 'Waterloo'
02 - 'Sitting In The Palmtree'
03 - 'King Kong Song'
04 - 'Hasta Mañana'
05 - 'My Mama Said'
06 - 'Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)'
07 - 'Honey, Honey'
08 - 'Watch Out'
09 - 'What About Livingstone'
10 - 'Gonna Sing You My Lovesong'
11 - 'Suzy-Hang-Around'

Bonus tracks:

12 - 'Ring Ring' (US Remix 1974)
13 - 'Waterloo' (Swedish Version)
14 - 'Honey, Honey' (Swedish Version)
15 - 'Waterloo' (German Version)
16 - 'Hasta Mañana' (Spanish Version)
17 - 'Waterloo' (French Version)
18 - 'Ring Ring' (1974 Remix, Single Version)
19 - 'Waterloo' (Alternate mix)


Nick Smithson

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