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Puncture Wounds
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composers: Brian Jackson Harris, Justin Raines and Michael Wickstrom
Performed by: Steel Vengeance and Darius Lux
Label: MovieScore Media
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 08 April 2014

MovieScore Media releases the rocking, heavy metal-inspired soundtrack album for Puncture Wounds, an intense action drama about racial discrimination starring Cung Le, Dolph Lundgren and Vinnie Jones. Helmed by Belgian filmmaker Giorgio Serafini, the film follows a PTSD-suffering Iraq veteran John Nguyen who finds his extensive military and martial arts training incredibly useful when he saves a call girl from members of the Aryan Brotherhood. The ruthless group takes it upon itself to avenge John’s intervention which had resulted in the death of several key members of the organization...

Brian Jackson Harris, Justin Raines and Michael Wickstrom's score for Puncture Wounds pulls no punches. This is an in-your-face, brash and enjoyable heavy metal-themed score.

This is a modern score with a thumping collection of themes. Tracks like 'Warpath' bring to mind Brad Fiedel's score for The Terminator [1984]. While there is a slight element of filler material, on the whole this is an enjoyable score.

01 - 'Puncture Wounds' (Harris/Raines/Wickstrom)
02 - 'Ready for Battle' (Shay Mehrdad)
03 - 'Regret' (Harris/Raines/Wickstrom)
04 - 'Warpath' (Jeffrey Hayat)
05 - 'Guardian Angel' (Harris/Raines/Wickstrom)
06 - 'The Elimination Game' (Jeffrey Hayat)
07 - 'Burn Them' (Harris/Raines/Wickstrom)
08 - 'Useless Information' (Steel Vengeance)
09 - 'The Morgue' (Harris/Raines/Wickstrom)
10 - 'Ledz Is a Plane' (Jay Woodcock)
11 - 'On the Trail' (Harris/Raines/Wickstrom)
12 - 'You'll Know Where to Go' (Darius Lux)
13 - 'Tortured Dreams' (Harris/Raines/Wickstrom)
14 - 'Rock the Hard Way' (Julian Angel)
15 - 'Call to Arms' (Harris/Raines/Wickstrom)
16 - 'Twilight' (Electroillusion)
17 - 'No Ordinary Soldier' (Harris/Raines/Wickstrom)
18 - 'Pendulum' (Electroillusion)
19 - 'Redemption' (Harris/Raines/Wickstrom)
20 - 'Satisfaction' (Stephan Lindsjo)
21 - 'New Beginnings' (Harris/Raines/Wickstrom)
22 - 'Loading the Guns' (Benoit Martin)


Darren Rea

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