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Artist: Erotic Market
Label: Jarring Effects
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 14 April 2014

Erotic Market is a French duo formed in May 2012 by Marine Pellegrini and Lucas Garnier. Both musicians for more than 10 years, they perfected their skills in contemporary jazz bands and a first joint venture, N’Relax, which lasted for three years (with two studio albums and many tours under their belts). This hard core of Pellegrini and Garnier is surrounded, both in studio and on stage, by two others skilled musicians, making for an astonishing formation with drums, bass, keys, voices and electronic manipulations...

Erotic Market's Blahblahrians is an acquired taste. It's a sound you're going to embrace instantly or turn off almost immediately. I have to admit that on the first (and second) listen through I was not a fan. But, sticking with it the tracks started to slowly grow on me.

I couldn't help feeling that the reason that they employed bizarre and interesting electronic sounds is because the vocals are so dull that they needed something to catch the listeners attention.

Of this album's 14 tracks (47 min) 'Blah Blah' was probably the highlight for me, while 'She-ass' was a major turn off. I think it's the rapping that I have a bit of a problem... they sound like they're trying way too hard to be hip. And that's the main issue for me; most of these tracks include in your face rapping that just sounded a little too forced.

While I found this album a little on the dull side, if you're looking for a new rap band to follow, you should give Erotic Market a listen, they may be what you're looking for.


Nick Smithson

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