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Perfect Sisters
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Carmen Rizzo
Artists: various
Label: Lakeshore Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 May 2014

Lakeshore records release the soundtrack album to Perfect Sisters. A pair of abused and neglected teenage girls almost get away with murder in this true-crime thriller based on the notorious “Bathtub Girls” case. Sisters Sandra and Beth learned early in life that they had no one to depend on but each other. But when their addict mother Linda makes plans to move the girls in with her lecherous and abusive lover, the girls’ situation becomes unbearable. Seeing no other way out, Sandra and Beth recruit their classmates to help them plan their mother’s murder. When the girls’ guilt spins out of control and they compulsively confess their involvement to friends, rumours that they are cold-blooded killers reach the ears of the authorities...

The soundtrack album for Perfect Sisters includes 12 tracks (43 min, 12 sec). Of these 4 (16 min, 41 sec) are the work of composer Carmen Rizzo, with the remaining 8 tracks (26 min, 31 sec) being made up of various artists songs.

It's an interesting soundtrack, with some memorable tracks. I particularly enjoyed the trippy 'Cruel'; chilled out 'A Dedication; and the rather Björk-esque 'All Is Forgiven'.

Track Listing

01 - 'AM/FM Sound' – Matt & Kim
02 - 'Honey Don’t' – Johnzo West
03 - 'Guilty Filthy Soul' – AWOLNATION
04 - 'Cruel' – St. Vincent
05 - 'WTF' - Hyper Crush
06 - 'A Dedication' – Washed Out
07 - 'The Worst Part/Auld Lang Syne' - Abigail Breslin & Cassidy Reiff
08 - 'Noise' – Gemma Hayes
09 - 'Running Out' – Carmen Rizzo
10 - 'Surveillance' – Carmen Rizzo
11 - 'All Is Forgiven' – Carmen Rizzo ft. Kate Havnevik
12 - 'The Space Left Behind' – Carmen Rizzo


Darren Rea

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