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Some Ember


Artist: Some Ember
Label: Dream Recordings
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 27 May 2014

Self-produced and recorded over a period of two years, the new full-length album from California duo, Some Ember, is the culmination of a range of experience for these two wanderers. Some Ember is rich with meaning, sonic creativity, and emotional energy, a striking evolution from previous releases Hotel of Lost Light and Asleep in the Ice Palace. Here, cold synthesizers and harsh industrial beats dominate the first half of the album, while swirling drone and organic percussion characterize the second half...

Some Ember are Dylan Travis and Nina Chase. Their new, self titled, album contains 10 tracks (40 min, 15 sec).

The opening to 'River Walker' reminded me of The Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again', before it moves on to pay homage to the background beat of the theme to the '80s Knightrider TV series. The vocals are brooding and fit the style of this track.

'Shard's has a definite '80s vibe, heavy on synths. 'Shining', whilst a great song suffers, ever so slightly from the fact that the vocals are just a little too deep for both Travis and Chase. It may be intentional, but the fact that they both seem to be effecting a deeper register than they'd normally sing in is a little too distracting.

Once the album hits the halfway mark everything changes. Out go the vocals and in comes an ambient chill out vibe. It's such a diverse change of direction that I find it hard to believe that many will grasp both aspects of this album with the same amount of enthusiasm. Personally, once the trippy 'Mourning Jewelery' wrapped, I could find little else of interest here.

Some Ember certainly provide an interesting sound, but how much of it you'll embrace is another matter.


Nick Smithson

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