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Zim Zam Zim


Artist: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Label: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 28 July 2014

After 40 years and more performing, adventuring and recording, the indomitable force that is Arthur Brown has, in a cross generational collaboration with co-producers / musicians Sam Walker and Jim Mortimore, come up with a genre spanning, time travelling, world bending heavy grooving and massively eclectic collection of songs. This is music made in the now with Arthur's vital, soulful and acrobatic voice at the heart. The album charts some of the adventures of Zim Zam Zim as he flits between worlds, universes, lives and realities...

Zim Zam Zim is Arthur Brown's first album in nearly a decade, and only the sixth Crazy World of... record in a career that started in 1968. From the propulsive stomp of the title track through to the skewed Tom Waits-esque 'The Unknown', all the way through to the playful 'Muscle of Love' and contemplative, beautiful 'Light Your Light', there's proof here that you can teach an old dog a whole lot more than tricks.

Of all the tracks, the cheesy 'Muscle of Love' was probably the one that I warmed to the most. Sounding like a spoof Tom Jones song, this has everything. It's soulful, powerful and very tongue in cheek. This is closely followed in quality by 'Want To Love', which has a serious message at its core, as well as a memorable and infectious chorus.

'Jungle Fever' shows that Brown can still croon those high notes as well as the low, whilst 'Light your Light' sees a softer side to his voice and a much softer side to the album.

The LP contains 10 tracks (51 min). At 72 years old, Arthur Brown proves that his talents are still maturing, like a fine wine. Zim Zam Zim is a tongue-in-cheek release that showcases his rather bizarre, and often cheeky sense of humour.


Nick Smithson

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