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Artist: Tom the Lion
Label: Wrasse Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 11 August 2014

Tom the Lion is a young Londoner who writes, plays and produces every note of his material - a uniquely rich tapestry of sonics and songs. His new album, Sleep contains 12 songs (45 min, 47 sec).

Tom the Lion is a pretty impressive singer / songwriter whose output on this album is well above average. If I were to try and describe the LP... I'd have to draw parallels with the best of Talking Head, Radiohead, Coldplay and Keene. If you like those bands then you'll find much to enjoy here.

The first day I listened to this, I probably played it about four or five times, along with a handful of other albums I had to review. Interestingly enough, the songs that rolled around in my head the next morning were only from this album.

It's an incredibly strong album, with no below par songs. But obvious single material include 'Motorcade'; 'Silent Partner'; and 'Beholden'.


Nick Smithson

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