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Court of Conscience


Artist: Winter in Eden
Label: Winter in Eden
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 08 September 2014

Winter in Eden are a five-piece symphonic rock band from Northern England. The band formed in 2009 and have so far clocked up an EP and two studio albums. Court of Conscience is their third album.

Recorded in the Netherlands it contains eleven songs (49 min, 56 sec) and features guest vocals by the multi award winning Damian Wilson (Threshold) and Jermain van der Bogt (For All We Know, Ayreon).

The album is epic in both its construction and delivery. This is an album that needs to be played loud. The great thing about symphonic rock albums, and to be fair all rock when it's done properly, is that there's always a diverse range to the songs. So here we have loud and brash hardcore rock anthems ('Toxicate'; 'It's Not Enough') as well as beautiful slow songs ('The Script') and those that fit somewhere in the middle ('Order of Your Faith'; 'Constant Tomorrows').

If you've not come across Winter in Eden before then I strongly recommend you check them out. Incredible music and beautiful production make this an essential purchase for all lovers of rock.


Nick Smithson

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