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Artist: Teenanger
Label: Telephone Explosion
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 September 2014

Teenager are vocalist Chris Swimings, bassist Mellissa Ball, drummer Steve Sidoli and guitarist Jon Schouten. The group started life jamming in the basement of a west end Toronto hair salon, until a spat with the owner saw them out on the street. Teenanger began courting an audience hungry for fun, sweaty, grimy rock and roll through local shows, and DIY releases...

E P L P is garage-punk at its finest. There's an intensity here that is hard not to admire and be captivated up by.

Personal favourite tracks include this album's punkiest anthem, not to mention loving tribute to a rock legend, 'Sky Saxon'; and the memorable 'Negative Zeros'. If modern punk is your thing then you really should check out this album.


Nick Smithson