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The Complete Original Score Remastered


Composer: Howard Shore
Label: Howe Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 14 October 2014

Howe Records is releasing three expanded collector’s edition soundtracks celebrating the 35th anniversary of the collaboration between celebrated filmmaker David Cronenberg and Academy Award®-winning composer Howard Shore with the release of collector’s edition soundtracks for Dead Ringers, Naked Lunch and Crash. The three previously out-of-print albums each contains significant bonus material that has never before been released on CD...

Howard Shore's score for Crash is, surprisingly, as fresh today as it was on its original release. I say "surprisingly" because I thought this would have aged quite badly, as it was pretty modern for a score when it was originally released. Howard Shore's main instrument of choice on this album is the guitar. Even atmospheric tracks like 'Chromium Bower' pack a punch. But it's the score's main theme, which is woven throughout the soundtrack that is really memorable.

The album contains 22 tracks (1 hr, 03 min, 36 sec), including 7 bonus tracks (over 18 minutes of unreleased material).

For those that owned and loved the original, shorter score, when it was originally released, then this is an essential purchase. Equally, fans of Howard Shore and David Cronenberg's work will want to add this to their music collection.


Darren Rea

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