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Artist: DJ Oil
Label: BBE
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 27 October 2014

Phantom is the sophomore solo album from Lionel Corsini, aka DJ Oil. A true veteran of the underground music and party scene in his native Marseille, Lionel released his well-received solo debut in 2012 (Black Notes for French label Discograph) but is probably better known as one part of The Troublemakers, who had the distinction of being signed to both the legendary ‘90s house label Guidance and the most famous of all jazz labels, Blue Note...

The opening track on Phantom (DJ Oil explains that it's so-called because "all these tracks live on my computer like ghosts, waiting to get out, and some never did get out") is a wonderful way to introduce us to the world of DJ Oil. 'Yes It Is' is, at it's heart, a modern rhythm’n’blues instrumental track.

'Drop Out' is an interesting exploration of western attitude to education. Whereas this song appears to champion the free spirit of the individual, others make take the stance that those that don't fit into education simply need to conform to convention after which the world is their oyster. Those that fight the system, by being lazy, and refusing to do what's asked of them, are only going to have a harder time when they go out into the real world when they are again expected to fit into a structured work environment. If they can't slot into the education system without rebelling, what hope have they of fitting into the workplace? You can't do your own thing when you fancy when you're employed as a small cog in a bigger wheel.

'Echoism' is an instrumental track that sucks you in, and then spits you out when it's done with you. It's a chill out track that is simple, yet hypnotic. Likewise, at the core of 'Burn It' is a hypnotic theme that is hard not to love.

The album wraps up with the psychedelic 'A Day'. With it's eerie, sing-song delivery, you'll be left reeling from the experience.

This is a remarkably strong and diverse album that's well worth checking out.


Nick Smithson

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