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Easy Peasy
Ice Tray


Manufacturer: Thumbs Up!
RRP: £9.99
Ages: 3+
5 060280 494536
Item Number: ICEPEAPOD
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Ice cubes come in all different shapes and sizes, some are like broken shards and some are plain boring cubes. But what about perfectly round ice cubes, like little frosted pearls floating in your drink, glistening in the sun and chilling your beverage. Two pea pods are included in the pack and all you have to do is connect the two sides together and close shut. Fill with water through the holes at the top and place in the freezer making sure the holes are facing up. Leave for a few hours and you’re done...

There is probably something wrong with me... but for some time now I've been a fan of novelty ice cube trays. A few years ago I picked up a Titanic and Iceberg tray, which is an amusing way (well, for me anyway) to break the ice (sorry) at parties. I also picked up a tray that produces diamond and other gemstone shaped ice and literally a few days before we received the press release for the Easy Peasy ice cube maker, I picked up a giant Star Wars: Deathstar ice cube mould.

The Easy Peasy ice mould, though, has to rank amongst the coolest trays out there. For starters they are shaped like giant pea pods (each making five pea shaped cubes) so straight away they look at home sitting in the top of your freezer.

Using them is simple. You get two pods and each has five holes in the top. Simply pour water into the holes (a slow running tap will allow you to see when they are full) and then put the pods into the freezer.

Now, for me, a big problem with ice trays is that it's usually a pain in the backside to get your ice cubes out. All of the other ice trays I own usually involve me cursing as I try and prize the ice out with a knife, or attempt to turn the silicone tray inside out hoping the ice will pop out (when it does, it's half way across the room and onto the floor).

The sensible way to do it is to take them out of the freezer for ten minutes and then pop them out of the moulds with relatively little fuss. With the Easy Peasy moulds, however, you can almost take them out as soon as you rescue them from the freezer, just open the pod and your five ice cubes are inside waiting to be popped out.

There are two different sizes of cubes in each pod (three large ones and two smaller ones per pod), but if you want a lot of cubes to fill up an ice bucket or lots of jugs of drinks, then you can simply make save them by putting the ice cube you make into a plastic bag and placing back in the freezer while you continue to make more.

It's a fun, novelty way to make ice cubes. Every house should own one.


Darren Rea

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