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Lightheaded Bowler Hat


Manufacturer: Funtime Gifts
RRP: £14.99
Ages: 3+
5 023664 101154
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Got an inspiring idea? Brighten up that bowler with the Lightheaded Bowler Hat. We’ve all imagined the ’light bulb’ moment but now you really can throw on this hat and show off your idea. Braininess & brightness have never been better. Eccentrically electrifying and powerfully peculiar looking, it’s amusing and amazing all in one. This is the ultimate hat if you are a workaholic, marketer, or comedian who aims to be iconic and individual. Brighten up your day with this bizarre bowler hat, use as a quirky lamp or simply as some fun at work...

This is probably the oddest item of fancy dress I've ever seen - mainly because it's a pretty specific accessory. I can't think of any costume it would work with (other than a suit) nor any occasion when it would be suitable to wear. It's a one second sight-gag and once everyone's seen it at a party, then it's pretty much redundant.

The light bulb takes AAA batteries (not included), which are housed inside the top of the hat. There is also a switch to turn the light on and off, which again is inside the hat. I was also surprised at how bright the light actually was - certainly bright enough to make you the centre of attention at any party.

While I really liked this novel, and rather daft item, I can't think when I'd ever wear it in a public capacity.


Nick Smithson

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