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Peep Show
Series Nine


Starring: David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Matt King, Paterson Joseph, Olivia Colman, Neil Fitzmaurice and Isy Suttie
Distributor: Spirit Entertainment
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: 15
Release Date: 26 December 2015

Peep Show has always been one of those odd creatures, a television show which failed to pull in huge audience numbers, yet at the same time sold exceedingly well through DVD and retained a high level of critical acclaim.

The show was created by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain with additional material being produced by the show's two main stars, David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

The show revolved around Mitchell and Webb’s characters of Mark Corrigan and Jeremy ‘Jez’ Usbourne, who having met at university now share a flat in Croydon. Mark has gone on to forge a wholly unremarkable career in banking as a loans manager, while Jeremy slacks off dreaming of fame as a musician.

Peep Show: Series Nine (2015. 6 Eps) represents the last series of the show. The story follows on from series eight and in the opening episode Mark and Jez are estranged following their rivalry for Dobby’s affections.

What makes the show work is that both characters, each in their own way, are complete losers. Occasionally they do gain a small amount of insight, especially Mark, who, though less narcissistic than Jez, nevertheless still insists on looking down on him and yet the two keep gravitating towards one another. In this way little has changed in their relationship from the first season.

The show distinguishes itself from other sitcoms by using a technique where you are invariably seeing the action from one character's point of view. Also, in the case of Mark and Jez, the audience are allowed to hear their thoughts, which are either vacuous or at odds with the external action.

Series nine opens with the two having to reconcile with each other on the eve of Super Hans's marriage. Super Hans, a notorious stoner, seems to have found happiness and has vowed to turn his back on drink and drugs, in exchange for love. Jez has made a sort of warped success of his life counselling, even though his certificate is a fake one printed off by Mark in better days.

Unfortunately he ends up not only counselling a couple but falling in love and sleeping with them both. Mark, meanwhile, looking for ways to get back at Jez agrees a loan for him which he knows Jez cannot afford. What could possibly go wrong? Well everything as the two spiral down into their own self-created existential hell.

The DVD contains all of the six episodes as well as two small extras, a blooper reel and a few deleted scenes.

It’s a great show and it is a shame it came to an end, but if you missed it the first time around, now is the perfect time to catch up with Mark and Jez for their last hurrah.


Charles Packer

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