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Artist: David Bronson
Label: Big Arc
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 19 January 2015

David Bronson’s new album Questions sees the artist move from his twenties, as documented on his first two records, to tackle his thirties. Obviously inspired by Paul Simon's Graceland/Rhythm of the Saints era, Bronson attempts to capture the emotional and psychological imagery of his experiences.

Questions is David Bronson's third album. I have to admit I wasn't overly struck with his previous release, 2013's The Long Lost. However, Questions sees Bronson taking a slightly different path, and this time around I was really impressed with how memorable the tracks were.

The album kicks off with the very Nik Kershaw sounding 'Songbird'. In fact I had to check my iPod on a couple of occasions to check I hadn't accidentally downloaded a long lost Kershaw track.

'Push' is another track worth of note, again, a little Kershaw-esque, and 'Song of Life' will also roll around in your head for days to come.

For me, this was a much more polished and enjoyable listening experience than The Long Lost. It's certainly an album I'll be playing a lot and will most likely return to it in years to come.


Nick Smithson

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