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I Sell the Circus


Artist: Ricked Wicky
Label: GBV Inc Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 03 February 2015

I Sell the Circus is the latest project from Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices). Ricked Wicky was a name he created for a non-existent band when he was in his early teens.

I'm not sure whether Ricked Wicky was used because of the fact that I Sell the Circus is indeed intentionally full of the trappings of youth; Pollard's wide-eyed, enthusiastic approach here is refreshing in someone who could so easily have been jaded by his years in the industry.

What Pollard delivers here is a tongue-in-cheek album that pokes fun at school boy humour... Who can listen to 'Uranus Flies' without thinking "Your Anus Flies"? 'Piss Face' speaks for itself. 'Guts' throws random words into the mix to create a nonsense song... a thread of gibbering consciousness.

It's an impressive rock album that never lets up... just as you think you're getting to grips with the style, Pollard shifts it up a gear, or knocks it down a notch.


Nick Smithson

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