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Strange Visitors (EP)


Artist: The Bazile Republic
Label: Burek Records
Release Date: 20 March 2015

Burek Records welcome US deep house legend and deepblak label boss AYBEE to the fold with a brand new project. Always showcasing different sonic tapestries, under "The Bazile Republic" moniker AYBEE presents the Strange Visitors EP...

The Bazile Republic brings to bear the story of a strange island, a celestial visitor, and mysterious doctor. The story is set to be played out over several releases, and sees its 1st installment via Burek. The tracks, entitled 'Strange Visitors', 'Motion Of Attraction', and 'The Sacred Smoke', comprise a fusion of dance-floor rhythms that drive, and lift.

At least that's what the press notes from Burek state. It's not really important what the "story" behind this release is. All you need to know is that it's chilled out dance-based electronica - heavy on synths and drum machine. You'll love it or, not, depending on whether you're a fan of this style of dance music.

Certainly one for listening to as you slowly get geared up for a night out clubbing.


Nick Smithson