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Primitives (EP)


Artist: Art Nikels
Label: Peach Fuzz Recordings
Release Date: 30 March 2015

Art Nikels presents a freeform blend of electronically fused psych-rock, citing influences ranging from hip-hop to kraut-hop. Unpredictable performers, their shows have reportedly oozed Flying Lotus medleys, Black Sabbath covers and contemporary pantomime...

Primitives is Art Nikels's debut EP and while the press release championed this as a "freeform blend of electronically fused psych-rock". I'd argue that it's much more than that. "Freeform" the one word guaranteed to send dread running through my veins. When used in conjunction with the jazz scene, it usually means "a group of musicians each disregarding the other band members as they play to their own song that is running around in their head".

Thankfully, with Art Nikels, it means just being a little more fluid and slightly off the wall. If I were a motivational speaker I would describe it as "thinking outside the box".

The first track had me slightly concerned about what I was letting myself in for, however, as being able to sing in tune seemed not to be one of the band's priorities (in actual fact this is a running theme throughout this EP), but it actually doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. The combined cacophony of noise works well when put together.

Sure, this will be a huge turn off for a lot of people, but give it a listen, there is method (not to mention beauty) in the madness.

The EP contains 7 tracks (25 min, 25 sec).


Nick Smithson