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Pleasure Boy


Artist: Hannah Cohen
Label: Bella Union
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 31 March 2015

The main inspirations behind Hannah Cohen's second album, was a painful break-up and the anxieties that loss can trigger. Pleasure Boy is a much darker offering than Cohen's previous Child Bride, and shows that she's grown as both an artist and performer as well as an individual.

It kicks off with 'Keepsake' that opens the story of coming to the sudden realisation that you're with the wrong person and how, even in the pits of despair, most people still cling on to hope; that the relationship can be saved and life can go back to normal.

'Watching You Fall' is probably the strongest, and most memorable track on the album. It's a slow, and beautiful build.

The album contains 8 songs (34 min, 29 sec) and, if you're paying attention to the lyrics, it plays like a particularly unhappy segment of Cohen's life. It's a heartbreaking album with a tonne of passion and raw energy. It's beautiful and tragic at the same time. It's certainly worth adding to your collection.


Nick Smithson

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