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Just as the Sun


Artist: AutoCharm
Label: Rubber Taxi Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 April 2015

AutoCharm release their second album on Rubber Taxi Records entitled Just as the Sun. Included on the album are the recently released electro pop singles 'Supernatural' and 'Toasting my Life' which were quickly followed up by the more Soulful House of 'Who Am I' and 'At Last'. The album offers the listener a varied experience without diverting to much from their Soul/Funk/Disco roots...

AutoCharm's new LP is definitely a summer album. Its retro '80s vibe has been brought up to date to appeal to a more modern audience, but there's no escaping where its roots are.

There's a little element of Johnny Hates Jazz running through this album, as well as boogie disco and a little sprinkling of Level 42 (most obvious on 'Toasting My Life').

For the younger generation this album offers some retro sounds set in more contemporary surroundings. For those of us of a certain age, let the nostalgic summer memories of a misspent youth wash over you.


Nick Smithson

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