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Artist: Stacey Solomon
Label: Conehead Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 20 April 2015

Stacey Solomon's long-awaited debut album Shy is released through Conehead Records. It has been six years since she burst onto the scene - and into the British public’s hearts - on 2009’s X Factor series. Since then she has spent her time bringing up her young children, becoming one of the most recognised faces on British TV, famously winning I’m A Celebrity... in 2010, and recently competing in The Jump...

Shy is Stacey Solomon's debut album... and some might ask why it's taken so long. Normally, this long after an X Factor contestant has caught the publics imagination they are long since forgotten about. Solomon was approached to record the obligatory post X Factor album, but didn't want to waste her talents on a bland offering that appeases the masses, but strips the artist of their soul in the process. So, instead, Solomon, focused on creating something more genuine; something that would reflect how she wanted to reward her fans as well as showing others that she wasn't just a flash in the pan.

It was a brave decision, and one that, as the end results show here, has resulted in a more polished, personal collection of songs that show not only Solomon's vocal range, but her ability to write strong, memorable songs that takes her voice to levels that a bland pop album wouldn't have explored.

The album's title track, 'Shy', was co-written by Rita Ora. In addition, the 11 track (38 min, 42 sec) album features a contribution from Lily Allen, but much of the material has been written by Solomon herself.

There are tinges of Adele and Amy Winehouse (as well as Karen Carpenter on the track 'Only You Will Do').

This year Solomon will also publish her first novel and release a new fragrance. While she's proven that she can write and perform incredible songs, her novel writing and nose sense are as yet untested... We'll have to wait and see how those projects turn out.


Nick Smithson

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