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Artist: Kid Wave
Label: Heavenly Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 02 June 2015

Kid Wave release their debut LP, Wonderlust, through Heavenly Recordings. The international two girl/two boy quartet have crafted a set of pop songs that bathe in the golden, restorative rays more commonly associated with life on the Californian coast rather than London, where Kid Wave reside.

Kid Wave deliver an almost textbook example of how to put together a debut album. It's confident, uplifting and full of the essence and energy of youth.

The band has already released 'Honey' (easily the most memorable track on the album) and 'Best Friend' as singles. And while normally most debut albums have one or two tracks that are worthy of releasing as singles, this album doesn't have one song that wouldn't work if it were launched into the charts.

If I had one slight complaint, it's that they do tend to reuse bass lines and riffs. For example 'Walk On Fire' did sound a little like a slowed down version of 'Honey'.

I had to check I was listening to the correct album at one point, as 'Free Ride' opening reminded me of Stereophonics's 'Have A Nice Day'.

This is an indie rock album that you'll remember as the summer of 2015.


Nick Smithson

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